January 3, 2013

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We are the only consulting company in the world dedicated solely to developing, promoting, protecting and supporting the Rum Industry. Please let us know how we can help you reach your goals.

Distillery Set-up Services

  • Feasibility and Business Review. We will review in global terms the business proposition in order to maximize profits and minimize delays. The analysis includes: types of alcohols and volumes to be produced, determination of storage needs, raw materials to be used, evaluation of fuel source, energy saving analysis, spent wash treatment and environmental impact control.
  • Technical Analysis and Conceptual Engineering. The goal is to support strategic decision-making to make the right distillery setup decisions based on its operation and on the subsequent commercialization of its products. The analysis includes an in-depth evaluation of the design in order to maximize the potential of the existing equipment, as well as, identification and pricing of needed equipment essential to the operation. Also includes recommendations (if applicable) for adaptation of existing equipment to comply with new systems.
  • Basic Engineering and Operating Manuals. Preparation of layout charts if needed of all the distillery components, adapted to the chosen operating system. Development of operating manuals as needed for each of the systems.
  • Coordination and Project Follow Up. Project development and coordination, including creation of project management support documents. Includes development of Gantt charts, identification of critical paths. Also includes research into suppliers and presentation of offers from suppliers and follow up on orders from approved vendors if requested.
  • Environmental Impact Study Consulting. We will supply the client with all of the technical information needed for the preparation of the Environmental Impact Study (EIS). We will also supply all required documentation to adhere to the technical or legal requirements needed for the EIS. We will offer support to the client’s environmental consultant or any designated individual or entity to develop the EIS. Our experience in this area is based on prior work performed for distilleries currently in operation; documented samples of many of these studies can be presented upon request.
  • Spent Wash Treatment System. Each distillery is different and so can be their spent wash systems. We can start by offering the design and set up of biological treatment of oxidation ponds and later use of the treated wash for irrigation of agricultural soils. Actual approach will vary depending on distillery set up, location and environmental requirements.
  • Distillery Management System. We will establish a system for precise and clear data gathering for each of the practical and functional areas of the distillery. We will develop the data collection sheets, which must be completed by personnel in each section and by laboratory staff in charge of performing analysis on collected samples.
  • Rum Production Control System. We will recommend and train personnel on the use of a software application used to control rum aging warehouses, destined to different clients or brands. The purpose of the system is to record and relate all of the information pertaining to rum production, from receiving the raw materials and other supplies, production processes up to sale of finished product.
  • Procedural Training and Production Kick-off. We can offer on-site training for client’s personnel at one of our many operating distilleries. This offer, however, is subject to immigration and other legal restrictions imposed by each country. We offer in-person technical support during production kick-off (based on availability of our consultants) and continuous remote technical support during regular distillery operation.
  • In-depth Personnel Training. It is of the utmost importance that personnel have the highest level of training and understanding possible about the processes under their supervision. Only this in depth training will prepare them to adequately face unexpected problems to take the right corrective and preventative steps and measures.

Rum Production Services

  • Aging Rum in Cellars/Warehouses. Consulting in the area of rum aging warehouse design, proper care and maintenance of rum barrels, design and operation of Solera systems, selection and use of barrels of different types (American oak, French oak, Sherry, Port, Single Malt, etc.).
  • Bulk Rum Identification, Purchase, Transportation and Storage. Through production cost analysis we can help the client determine if there is a need for purchasing rum in bulk from other sources, either initially to satisfy immediate bottling needs as the local production goes into the aging warehouse, or long-term as a strategic investment. We can supply client with raw Aguardiente or with neutral cane spirits, aged rum (1-25 years old) and can arrange for transportation (ISO Tanks, Drums or Totes) and make recommendations for handling and storage when received.
  • Rum Formulations. We can help the client blend the different alcohols (un-aged, aged, local, bulk) to produce finished rums that have the characteristics required to enter a particular market or compete internationally in a specific category. Consulting services include recommendations for inclusion or exclusion of additives (caramels, extracts, etc.), as well as assistance with nomenclature and handling of requirements from specific markets for compliance.
  • Glass Bottle Services. We work with several of the world’s leading glass bottle manufacturers, ranging in cost-value from premium to popular. We can help the client identify the perfect stock bottle or can supervise the design and production of a custom mold. Companies in our supplier network can deliver to the client plain glass bottles or bottles with frosted, painted and/or silk-screened finishes.
  • Labels, Corks, Caps, Capsules, Canisters, Boxes and More. Let us supply you with quotes for all the goods needed to deliver an outstanding product to the consumers. We regularly work with printers and other suppliers in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Additional Services

  • Merger, Acquisition & Valuation Support. We have experience conducting comprehensive valuation analysis of existing rum operations, from sugarcane cultivation, sugar milling to proper waste disposal. Let our knowledgeable team evaluate your potential acquisition target to help you maximize your investment.
  • Assistance with International Compliance. Many countries have their own requirements when it comes to alcohol sales, from strength to disclosure of ingredients, even barcoding formats. We can help you navigate through the requirements and develop strategies to minimize the imposed burden.
  • Rum Classes, Seminars. We have developed a vast array of educational programs that can be adapted to a corporate retreat setting or can be converted into brief sessions ideal for bringing new recruits up to speed. Our classes have been taught at Florida International University and at other prestigious organizations.
  • Rum Glassware Selection. We can identify or design the best shape of glassware needed to enhance the consumer’s experience during nosing and tasting of your rum. We helped design the first ever Riedel rum glass and have been conducting sessions with our clients ever since on the impact of proper and improper glassware.
  • Consumer Events. We can work with culinary experts to design food and rum pairing sessions and can entertain guests with anecdotes and fun facts about rum as they enjoy an unforgettable dining experience. We can also conduct tasting sessions with news and media organizations, aimed at highlighting the qualities of a particular product or product portfolio.
  • Design of Tasting Rooms and Visitor Centers. Let us create or enhance the tasting room or visitor center at your distillery. We can supply everything from theme, décor, layout to interactive kiosks and digital content for multi-media rooms.

Compensation for our Services

At Rum Runner Press we believe that each client is unique, as are his needs. Let us discuss your specific goals to customize a proposal that will give you what you need with the highest level of quality possible. In addition to our permanent staff, we have access to many of the world leaders in their respective fields, from distillery design, fermentation, aging and blending to bottle designs.

January 3, 2013

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