Bumbu Rum

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I really enjoy this rum as a straight sipping rum. I purchased the rum randomly. And wondered what more experienced connoisseurs thought of it. Thanks for the review. I love the bottle as well.

Mike 145 days ago

Bumbu Rum

Wish it was labelled "banana flavoured rum" at half the price then I wouldn't feel so cheated. Over priced mixer.

Greg more than 1 year ago

Bumbu Rum

The more I sip this, the more I feel compelled to retract my "over priced mixer" comment. It is quite delicious on it own and is clearly a quality rum. I still feel the label should convey the obvious sweet banana flavour, which catches you off guard, as it's not expected. Not that anyone appears to be reading this review! Cheers!

Greg 359 days ago

Tee hee

Read your first comment. Raised an eyebrow. Read the latest one and laughed out loud. Glad you see eye to eye with my impression on this one!! Cheers

Kg 336 days ago

Bumbu rum

I agreed... But it should label "spice rum"

Rick 245 days ago

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