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High Proof Rum

Hello, we are new to your magazine and wondered if you ever feature small distilleries hand crafting spirits. Specifically we make a 100 proof gold sipping rum called Mermaid Rum which is made from a 3 year old Florida Sugar Cane Rum - blended with 24% Carribean Pot still rum and finished in our whiskey barrels for 90 days. We have had some great reviews so far on our rum but did not know if you critique rums or write about small mom and pop distilleries. We are known for our whiskey - Wild Buck American Rye Whiskey also 100 proof (won a bronze medal last year at the ADI Competition in San Francisco) but the rum is new to us. We'd like to hear back from you if you get a chance. Many thanks in advance for your time. Your articles are very interesting! Kind regards, Natalie

Natalie Goff more than 5 years ago

Mermaid Rum

Hello Natalie, thank you for your note. Please reach out to to find out how to have your rum reviewed in the magazine. Cheers! -Luis

Luis K. Ayala more than 5 years ago

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