Caribbeans Finest Gran Reserva Rum

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The Caribbean's Finest Rum

I keep the Caribbean's Finest Rum in my freezer...
Because the Rum is 70 proof it does not freeze… after supper we pour the super chilled Rum in cordial glasses that we keep in the freezer as well...and sip it...totally outstanding.
All the natural flavors are fabulous...however I love The Pineapple the best...
I agree...10 out of 10 all day long… And night

Jim Clements more than 4 years ago

Nice Smoky Finish.

Settle notes of bourbon and Oak, Good Priced Rum.

rumlover more than 4 years ago

Amazing company presentation

This is an amazing tasting rum with a great presentation. Unlike other rum companies, Caribbeans Finest uses all natural flavors only found in the Dominican. At any of there tastings you'll be amazed with how they care about their product. 10 out of 10 all day long

Brent Menaugh more than 4 years ago

At least its nice packaging

I will read between the lines and consider the 8 is a misprint or its a nice rum for a much less price. Classy looking bottle.

Pat Davidson more than 4 years ago

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