Dictador 12 Year Old Rum

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Thank you Margaret and Luis for the 12 year review.

My comments are to help understanding a little more our rums. Sorry for my poor English:-)

Our 12 rum is a blend of ages between 8 and 14. The mix we percentually get it to 12 years this is art no scince! Our named solera system is just about two things: 1st avoiding high angel share, the more you keep the barrel full the less sharing happen, this means for example that every certain time we count the number of barrels of certain age then we full fill the shared space with same age rum so if we have 18K barreles of lets say 12years old rum and we have a 2% lose (every year is different and also type of barrel and position on warehouse and other external influences make this a non exact science) then we will use 360 barrels to keep them full and tight not sharing too much. 2nd we mix several ages at the bottling moment, as you might know each barrel is unique (again not exact science) so we taste lots an decide which will make the blend for the bottling moment this help on several issues first is consistency, then is body, aromas, taste and colour, not easy to achieve on young rums.

It is funny how rum its so easy to, just by taste ans aroma, discover its more accurate age, smoothness is the only way to be able to understand its age, if you get rum directly from the distillery, without age, and then be able to compere year by year to samples with maturity ( every sampke older) then you will see how rum starts to get smoother meaning true age. The smoothness cannot be achieved with chemicals or fast process or any known trick in the industry, I believe that ageing faster than reality is impossible today, we will see if the technology maybe in a near future can get there for sure will help many rum producers I know that deliver very poor products.

Finally just remember rum making is an art and not a chemical process that you can learn in school, if it was so easy then no contest needed because all of the would be gold medal. Also remember that what is suitable for someone maybe is not for someone else, art as it must be is subjective, unmeasurable and priceless the rest you can use mastercard :-)

Real Dictador more than 8 years ago


Is the rum you have reviewed a true minimum age rum or is it a Solera aged rum?

Peter more than 8 years ago

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