Luis Ayala

Luis Ayala is quite possibly the rum industry’s most devoted ambassador of the modern era. He has relentlessly pursued the establishment –and adoption- of quality standards in the production and marketing of rum. His efforts to improve the quality and appreciation of rum have taken him from being a celebrated author and organizer/judge at international rum festivals to being one of the driving forces behind the creation of new rums and the improvement of many existing ones.

As a consultant, Luis derives great pleasure from lending over two decades of rum expertise to his clients. “Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing how much more enjoyment consumers can get out of fine-tuned rums,” says Luis.

Luis has written for numerous international publications, he is also the recipient of the International Rum Festival’s Platinum Award for excellence in “Global education and promotion of rum,” and of the Congreso Internacional del Ron award for “2011 World Rum Specialist.” He also worked closely with Georg Riedel (Riedel Crystal) in 2006 in the creation of the first ever Riedel Rum Glass.

Luis Ayala is as comfortable sharing his rum curriculum in front of university students or corporate executives as he is working in the laboratories and distilleries with chemists and rum engineers.  He has been involved in the design, business planning and execution of some of the most successful and innovative rum companies in the world.

Along with his wife Margaret, Luis is a founding member of Rum Runner Press, Inc., is President of The Rum University and publisher of “Got Rum?” magazine, the only monthly publication in the world devoted 100% to rum.

Rum Runner Press is the world’s leading broker for premium rums either in bulk or as custom-formulated private labels.

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