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Quest for truth

While I agree with the position taken, I am unhappy with some of the marketing "fluff" that promotes a lot of rums. I don't mind if some sugar or caramel is added to my rum but don't try to spin a fanciful tale of pirates and lost rums and so called solera methods to explain the dark colour and rummy taste.There is a lot of rum out there that is pretty young but is passed of as older and commands a premium price.


Tom Carnwell more than 7 years ago

Re: Quest for truth

Hello Tom, thank you for your insightful comment, you are not alone. It is hard to swallow most of the marketing hype out there, and I truly believe in truth-in-marketing. However, I also stand firm in the belief that "some" things are best left un-answered, such as the real age of the barrels used by many companies, their true environmental impact, the practices to avoid the hiring of minors, etc. etc. A great topic and one that I would not mind discussing with you in person if we ever have the opportunity. Until then, cheers! -Luis

Luis Ayala more than 7 years ago

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